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     It started with a pencil.  As a child from the outskirts of London, I was brimming with excitement at the prospect of meeting relatives from my Father’s birthplace, Trinidad.  The visit was inspiring as I heard tales of an exotic island in the sunshine and an exquisite sounding bird called the Hummingbird.

…….and then there was the pencil.  We parted with gifts, one of which a pencil engraved with the family name joined with the magical word Emporium.  For a child who was desperate to be part of one of Enid Blyton’s circus stories, the word Emporium conjured up all sorts of dream scenarios.  I already loved to draw but never had such a grand looking pencil to make my marks with.


     Flamingo Arts Emporium showcases my artwork.  My aim is for my merchandise to brighten up your homes and lives with original, colourful artwork.


     I hope you browse the full range of products in the shop, don’t miss ‘Coming Soon’ section for artwork currently in production and remember, I can offer bespoke tables!



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